With the rise of the Bitcoin, the main question that most brick and mortar store owners have is how they can accept these Bitcoin payments right at their locations, and while there are many applications out there that can provide store owners with such functionality, most of them still prefer to work with a point of sales terminal, which is why in this article we will introduce you to three companies that will provide you with these products.

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When this point of sales terminal was first announced, cryptocurrency enthusiasts became very excited. Right now, the company behind this point of sales terminal is still conducting the beta testing program for business owners, which will be able to receive these terminals free of charge while in this stage. This is a great thing for owners, not only because they are getting them for free, but also because they will a chance to get acquainted with how the bitcoin payments work. And although it is, unfortunately, still unclear whether this program will ever exit the beta program, if it does then business owners will already have the experience to use it.


While you probably shouldn’t expect to find this point of sale terminal at most stores anytime soon, this is still a very special bitcoin point of sale terminal. What sets it apart, is that is it not only a terminal, but it also acts as a bitocin ATM, both fitted into one. Even though this is  by far the most expensive solution, costing a whopping 5600 euro, it is a very nifty device, and customers will be able to interface with the device while standing up straight and then they will be able to do everything they need to do through on-screen menus.


Coinfy, as a point of sale terminal provider, is one that has chosen to focus on both POS terminals, as well as online payments. Something that is very good about their point of sale terminal is that it allows anyone to accept blockchain payments in person, no matter how large or how small the business they run may be. Another great perk is that Coinfy also lets merchants register multiple businesses in their account, assuming, of course, that it is registered under the same company name as the other ones.

These Bitcoin point of sale terminal providers are only a few of the many that are out there. There are actually quite a few companies out there that are able to provide these products and that indicates that the market for Bitcoin POS terminals is getting bigger and bigger every day.


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